Meals & More


Sunday: Superbowl snacks
Monday: Sausage and white bean gratin from this gem that always delivers.
(Fat) Tuesday: Pizza and wings takeout.
(Ash) Wednesday: Miso soup with green onion, baby bok choy, mushrooms, and soba noodles.
Thursday: Spaghetti and meatballs (which is probably not lenty enough to abide by my resolution to eat like a peasant these forty days)
Friday: Grilled gruyere and goat cheese sourdough sandwiches and store bought tomato soup.
Saturday: Hamburgers and s’mores around the (first!) annual bonfire at chez grandparents.

• Almost a year ago I was telling my husband I didn’t need to take a pregnancy test. I knew I was pregnant. But then I did and those two lines made me go, “Oh sh**!” as all the happiness and fear of suddenly being made a mother hit me. So I loved this. Because it’s okay to be scared. Though I wish people would stop asking the question, “Was it planned?” Why does it matter?

• I loved majoring in English but these programs are making me wish I could go back in time:
The Berry Farming Program
The 51st Summer School of Slovak Language and Culture
A New Architecture Program at Benedictine

•When I tutored writing in college, I reviewed one too many papers from Masters of Education students saying that the key to fixing problems in education is to throw more technology at students. No and no. All the smartboards and tablets in the world won’t teach anyone to be a more intelligent or better person.

•I would so be in favor of communal living for these reasons. And on a related note.

(Handwriting and housing articles via LMLD)

Meals & More

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