Meals and More


Sunday: chocolate chip cookies and black tea
Monday: upcycled some leftover basmati and couscous into Mediterranean fried rice with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, Sultana raisins, shallots, olive tapenade, cumin, anise seeds, and saffron
Tuesday: bookclub potluck
Wednesday: Cuban coconut rice, chicken, black beans, and fried coconut chili bananas
Thursday: Italian wedding soup
Friday: too much sushi (guilty as charged…)
Saturday: meatloaf, sweet peas, and goat cheese mashed sweet potatoes

•Christian art can be the most sublime or the most awful. Melissa Musick has good things to say. As does Sufjan Stevens.

•On a long rainy drive to my parents’ house this week, I turned on the radio to this and it transported me to a sunnier state of mind.

•Have you ever had an idea but wanted someone else to run with it? Boom. I wish I could become a wealthy patron for this sort of thing.

•the ever-inspiring Erin posted this and it reminded me of this which made me feel guilty about all the disposable diapers we’ve been blowing through even though I have a cloth stash I’ve been too apprehensive to break into. But I took the leap a few days ago and it was surprisingly seamless (except for the night I goofed with the inserts and my baby let me know just how angry he was to find himself soaked through and through at 1am). This is the brand we’re using and loving!

Meals and More

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