Meals and More


Sunday: store-bought tomato soup doctored up with hardboiled eggs and goat cheese + leftover spinach pie
Monday: barbecue
Tuesday: burgers, chili cheese fries, and cider to wipe away all the tears from a stressful day with the babies
Wednesday: fast food (which I’m realizing is an ironic phrase during lent)
Thursday: caprese tart on puff pastry with truffle oil with chopped Italian salad out of a store bought plastic kit (to keep it classy). And! Special mention for lunch, in which I shopped the pantry and made some mean cream of cucumber soup.
Friday: parish lenten soup supper. I contributed roasted red bell pepper.
Saturday: pork roast with goat cheese mashed potatoes and braised leeks. At least that’s the plan.

I got themey this week.

•There was a time in the eighth grade when I thought I didn’t like Homer. Silly me. I just had a lackluster translation. This delightful interview was my 3am nursing sesh reading material.

“Translators are the only ones who live in this place between languages, both as reader and writer. You move back and forth from being one to being the other, and you never stop.”

A bit spiritual direction I desperately needed to hear this week:

“By your words, at every moment, become the eloquence of God.”

All the hahas!!

“It looks like syntax is being thrown out the window here and being replaced by grunts like animals would make.”

•And that last link brought me here which is sure to lead me down endless rabbit holes.

Meals and More

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