Meals and More


Sunday: chicken thighs in creamy marsala sauce, mixed veggies, and pasta
Monday: Asparagus and spinach soup with poached eggs
Tuesday: Thai
Wednesday: store-bought quiche lorraine and mac and cheese
Thursday: sweet potato soup and ham, cheese, and pepper jelly sandwiches
Friday: open-faced caprese sandwiches
Saturday: hamburgers and fries

In honor of International Womens Day this week:

A beautiful read.

“Part of being a beautiful woman means being one that lifts other women up and choosing something other than judgement when confronted with confusion or difference.”

Domestic goddesses

Some truth with which to pretty up your walls.

•It’s as though the creators of International Womens Day meant to put it right next to the feast of two great female martyrs. Here is St. Perpetua’s first hand prison account.

“It was as though so great a woman, feared as she was by the unclean spirit, could not be dispatched unless she herself were willing.”

Meals and More

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