Reading and Relishing


I originally started my ‘Meals and More’ post series for various reasons. To keep a log of the meals I make so that when I make one I like I don’t forget about it (as is often the case). To possibly start some sort of virtual potluck link up. To encourage myself to eat better and more frequently at home (because posting Monday: ate out Tuesday: ate out Thursday…etc. makes for a depressing post). But for one reason or another, I’m not loving the way it’s going. So I’m keeping the alliteration, but re-imagining it. I’ll still be posting favorite links (thematically because it makes my heart sing!) and posting select recipe(s)/basic instructions for favorite dishes I’ve recently made. Thus I’ll get to fulfill reason #1 for my original conception of ‘Meals and More’ and avoid the sad repetitious takeout list.

…all about Easter

“So great is the mystery of the Resurrection that its commemoration demands more than twenty-four hours. Since we cannot put the breaks on the daily demands of our rotating world, the Church invites us to turn towards the mystery of the Resurrection and walk slowly in its light. I love that image.

I was searching for Holy Saturday reading since we had to miss the Vigil (which is a shame since our parish never skimps on beauty and we have the most festive after party) and I found my new favorite blog. It’s like basking in the light of an inspiring and much wiser friend.

Oh wait! Make that two wiser and inspiring friends. I know this is backtracking to Good Friday, but it’s probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve read on the Internet.

Fastforwarding again to the current season. I have a weak spot for pretty Easter eggs. I think these pantone of the year ones are gorgeous for any year.



For Easter, I was in charge of an app and some zerts.

•For the app, I made whipped goat cheese (goat cheese, ricotta, and lemon zest in the mixer) and radish crostini tickled with cracked black pepper and drizzled with honey.

•For a humble dessert, I overcame my fear of yeast and in honor of my Slovak roots, I made this delicious and easy paška bread. The only difference to the recipe was that I added currants that I soaked overnight in rum and accidentally (but happily) browned the butter.

•And for a decadent dessert, I was mostly faithful to Maida Heatter‘s Carrot Cake (found in this excellent book), but I riffed on it a bit (used candied ginger instead of raisins in the batter, dusted the top with pistachio dust, and made a ginger/pistachio mix to add between the layers and make into a bunny shape on top.) It came out lovely and I only have that naked layers pic for proof…

Other hits from Easter included:
truffled deviled eggs, whisky glazed carrots, and Slovak potato salad.


Reading and Relishing

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