Reading and Relishing


…things that would have been good marriage prep reading material

This Vocation is Shaped Like a Cross

I think I honestly believed that God owed me one for being open to life. That because I was “playing by the rules,” so to speak, I’d effortlessly drop that baby weight and have lots of silent time for sipping coffee and staring peacefully out the window into my sun dappled back yard, watching with pride as my well behaved offspring frolicked together in the grass.


A beautiful analogy. Except our little domestic bell has been ringing at hourly sometimes bi-hourly intervals at night no matter what we do so we are controversially crying it out. I’m grateful to one of my favorite parenting resources on the internet for not making me feel like an evil mother.



•Homemade pizza two ways: pea, prosciutto, green onion, mascarpone and Meyer lemon, goat cheese, black pepper.

•Rose tea and almond petits fours–not homemade but on the to-make list.

This favorite one pot pasta. Though I didn’t caramelize the onions long enough which is the most crucial part so it was sadly bland.

Reading and Relishing

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