Reading and Relishing


…about relishing

•It’s been driving me crazy how much we’ve been eating out or ordering in lately as cooking is one of those fundamental activities that make me feel human. My list would be eggs, any type of starch or grain, onions, butter, and goat cheese. Which apparently is not unique since I think every ingredient showed up in the comments multiple times.

•Like my cloth diapering hesitations, shopping at the farmer’s market is something that imma shoulda, woulda, coulda about till I just jump right into it. This advice makes me a little less intimidated.

•Compound or flavored butter is something I’ve seen a zillion times on pinterest but merely passed over thinking that making it would be as unnecessary as making homemade puff pastry. But I actually took the time to read this and it wooed me with my love for upcycling kitchen scraps and for culinary conveniences:

“compound butters are a great way to use up smaller quantities of herbs, spices, the odd clove of garlic, the bottom of the jar of sun-dried tomatoes, or capers. They also freeze really well.”

You mean I can reduce waste, store this both easily and indefinitely, and majorly amp up my cooking game? Count me in.

Archiving food history–a woman after my own heart.


•Steak with addicting chimichurri sauce, warm miso-jalapeno corn salad, and bread and tomato salad. All but the steak out of my tried and true fave. Plus homemade shandy (lager+ginger beer+fresh lemon juice).

•Gnocchi with peas, ham, chives, and a goat cheese/ricotta sauce. Originally inspired by this.

Happy feast of St. Drogo, patron saint of ugly people! (And coffee, cattle, broken bones, and insanity!) Things like this really are the icing on the cake of being Catholic.

Reading and Relishing

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