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Some Pentecost reading from my faves:

“In a virtuoso combination of mathematics and mystery, Bede describes the relationship between the descent of the Spirit and the giving of the Law to Moses, and explains how the number fifty, which establishes both dates, can be interpreted to represent the rest of heaven.”

“In reading the account of Pentecost in the Acts of the Apostles, there is very pronounced imagery. It is easy to recognize the wind and fire, but all four classic elements of Greek philosopher, Aristotle, are present at Pentecost”


I missed posting last week because of Mother’s Day festivities and also because mother and child were not doing well. We were both drowning in snot and fevers. But that just means that I have quite a few yums to share.

-Compound butter is seriously no lie. I mixed butter with whole grain mustard and shallots to spread on steak and it was divine. There was enough extra to cook scrambled eggs in it and spread it on a cheddar, tomato, chicken panini. So good.

-I made this roasted red bell pepper soup again. But you know clear-the-fridge is my favorite game, so I topped it with queso fresco, cilantro, pickled red onion, and a fried egg.

-Nights when I have nothing planned and shop the pantry to ridiculously delicious effects are my favorite. One night, I made caramelized onion and roasted tomato gnocchi (making my mouth water as I type). Another night we had his and hers mostly Greek chickpea bowls: leftover shredded pan-fried chicken thighs, chickpeas, sauteed zucchini and red onion, feta, lemon, and avocado. His was topped with sriracha and jalapenos. Hers had a generous dollop of tzatziki. Another night when I so was not in the mood to cook, I just pulled out every possible candidate for a maximalist cheese board. The cheeses: brie, garlic-herb boursin, and gruyere. The vehicals: sourdough bread and crackers. The relishes: strawberry-basil jam and fig jam. The accoutrements: smoked salmon, almonds, the last chunk of honeycomb, kettle corn, mandarin pieces, nougat, candied ginger, and part of a Slovak chocolate bar.

-For weekly hang-with-the-grandparents day over at their house (where the lattes flow free and the pantry is always so randomly stocked which basically accounts for my husband looking in our pantry and saying, “We’re getting takeout” and me looking in our pantry and listing off five different meals I could potentially make), I made cheating-on-may-produce (or excited-about-summer) quinoa bowls: sauteed onion, yellow squash, zucchini, and corn topped with balsamic vinegar and a poached egg since my mantra is “when in doubt, put an egg on it”.

Et cetera

Reading: I’m jealous of people who can read more than one book at a time. Anytime I try doing that I never finish any of the books. So I’m a strictly one book at a time kind of girl. I try to switch off between serious books I want to read and then practical or fun reads. I just finished Kristin Lavransdatter so this is up next. I’ve had it recommended to me twice now, so it must be a sign. I love the four classic temperaments so I’m excited, but that dreamy look the girl on the cover is sporting is making me laugh.

Watching: All the BBC miniseries. All the time. I loved Cranford and now I’m on to season 1 of Lark Rise to Candleford.

Doing: Art! The fine arts museum is free on Thursdays so my parents and I took the babies for a little field trip and it was so much fun! I think I’m going to take my son every Thursday. I think contemplating beautiful art while I nurse my child is better than sitting at home scrolling on my phone while I nurse him.

But then I’m also actually doing art. Nothing that deserves to be put in a museum. Just things like the logo for my friend’s baking business! Check it out and if you’re in Houston and are in need of delicious and beautiful baked goods, Winnie is your girl.

Laughing: Why can’t we all just quit being human and become goats? Life would be so much simpler.


Happy Pentecost! Come, Holy Spirit, come!

Weekly Edit

4 thoughts on “Weekly Edit

  1. Alexandra says:

    “the pantry is always so randomly stocked which basically accounts for my husband looking in our pantry and saying, “We’re getting takeout” and me looking in our pantry and listing off five different meals I could potentially make”

    Ah, if only I had your talent! 🙂


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