Resolutions Revisited


A while ago I wrote a blog post about my New Year’s Resolutions. If I were to give myself a grade for each it would go something like:

F, F, F, F-, F, F (or should I say efff), D, F, D, D

Apparently, publishing your resolutions on the internet has no bearing as to whether you will adhere to them or not. So I’m re-writing and re-structuring them into a maybe (maybenot) realistic gameplan. Here we go:


-Make the bed. It takes less than 10 min and it makes all the difference in attuning myself to order and beauty. Morning’s should go: morning offering (yeah, currently not happening but I’m thinking this might help), change and feed the baby, make the bed, carry on with the day.

-Create a cleaning schedule. We currently just wait until the floor is dirty enough, the sink is grimy enough, or the dishes and laundry pile up enough to tackle them. And deep cleaning happens approximately never. But I’d like to come up with a plan for daily chores (dishes, sweeping, laundry etc.), weekly or bi-weekly tasks (washing sheets, mopping, etc.) and periodic deep cleaning (bleaching the bathtub, scrubbing windows etc.) And then somehow fit in blogging, other writing projects, small business scheming, reading, language learning and slow parenting

-DIY all the things like household cleaners, bath products etc. but only if they’re going to be simpler, cheaper, and better for our health and the environment. I’m not going to be crunchy for the sake of it. Ideally, I’d like to get everything in bulk and once a month or every three months or something make a batch of everything.

-Invest in resuable everything. Reusable grocery bags, produce bags, napkins, covers for food storage, diapers (check!), kitchen rags (sorta check…), even (probably, no definitely, TMI) these (sorry, I’m kind of way too excited about them), and so on.


-Get social media under control. It’s like Jenny’s always reading my mind.

-Foster community. I would LOVE to start something like this.

-Make and stick by an actual prayer schedule. A friend recently asked what my prayer life looks like now that I’m a mother and it looks pretty much like it did before: a mixture of aspiration and guilt and not a ton of praying actually going on. My ideal: morning offering or morning prayer when my husband doesn’t leave at an ungodly hour, daily mass at 9am, Angelus at noon, rosary during chores with the help of the sisters because I have an ever-wandering mind, divine chaplet at leeeast on Fridays at 3pm, goodnight prayers with the babe, short Scripture or other spiritual reading and night prayer with my husband before bed. I am nothing if not possessive of my delusions of grandeur.

-Dinner ritual. We’ve been doing a lot of eating at the kitchen bar with our phones pulled out vying for our attentions. So I’d really like to have dinner at the dining room table every night. And on Sundays and special feasts, candles.


-Memorize more poetry, because I really do believe in the profound effect internalizing beauty can have. Working on a list.

-Ban mindless television and have movie night once a week. I have a hard time considering my bbc faves mindless, but I think being judicious about screen time is as significant for your happiness and mental health as being judicious about your nutritive intake is for your physical health.


-Stahhhp with the unsavory language. In high school, I was a mixture of unfettered eagerness (that’s a nice way of saying I was giddy) and uptight prudery. I believe this was a reaction to spending eight hours every week day in a place where my walk from fifth to sixth period included a turn on a stairwell where grungy teens were shoving their tongues so far down each other’s throats I’m surprised they didn’t choke. (That’s just the prudery part. The first was shaped by being a theater kid.) Anyway, I was the kind of youth group participatee who would sanctimoniously tell others that the same mouth they cussed with, they also received the Body of Christ on. Yep. I was that person. And while slackening my judgey ways has been all for the better, I still wonder what sixteen year old Dom would say if she could put on fast-forward goggles and see herself eight years later frantically trying to find the lost item du jour and letting loose a torrent of expletives. There actually is a simple way to combat this tendency. I’m just weak in the moment.

Exercise. Anything will do. Just consistently.

That’s actually how I feel about my entire list of resolutions. Anything will do. Just consistently. Happy Tuesday. And feast of St. Joanna…also known as Jessica. (And nope, she’s not from the 1980’s as her name might make one think). Also, of St. David of Scotland who has a great deathbed tale. I’m a sucker for those.

Resolutions Revisited

4 thoughts on “Resolutions Revisited

  1. Alexandra says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I just want to take your list and make them my resolutions as well!!! Especially on the prayer part! Actually, especially on every part! Ha!


  2. Jessi Ann says:

    I love this. I love your blog. It is like all of the other blogs I read and think, dang, I could totally be his/ her friend and he/ she would inspire me to do such beautiful things with my domestic life… I think you probably know what I mean, because I am pretty sure we have the exact same blog list… except I know you for real and it makes me want to get together with y’all even more.
    Speaking of which: I would love to get together and ask questions about beeswax sandwich wrap and…. ahem… some of the other things on your reusable list (hint, wink, et cetera) if it wouldn’t be too weird.
    I have been internally scheming (because that is usually where my scheming remains) to find people who would like to take turns making a meal and getting together after my MIL mentioned once that she used to be a part of a “Supper Club,” which apparently was a thing in the 80’s when neighbors and friends used to get. together. for. dinner. every. week. And my parents did a 5:01 Club– cocktails before dinner once a week. Either way, you trade off with a bunch of friends about who makes the meal and whoever comes, comes… So if you need help with that resolution, I would love to be a part of it.


    1. Your comment made my day! And yes to all your suggestions! I admit some of my resolutions are fanciful thinking but I seriously think something like a supper club is totally doable.


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