Words for a Second Anniversary



Five years ago our evenings were filled with thick damp air as we prayed and talked and clasped hands on a bench before a thorny-rose-bush-encircled-stone labyrinth with all our dreams suspended sweetly and agonizingly in possibility.

After the minutes had gone too quickly by and you had to go back home and I had to go back to my dorm, I would happily tease you to kidnap me insisting that I would be the happiest hostage.

Then, on a wonderfully warm May afternoon, we spoke words that can never be undone by human tongues and gave one another rings. Blessed shackles. Sacramental links in a chain of love and suffering, grace and sacrifice.

We gave ourselves wholly and freely body and soul to have our humanity forged into divinity. In front of God and man, we said I do to one another.

I do to the nights of damn good French cooking and 90’s romcoms and sparkling cocktail-charged conversations. And I do to doing someone else’s sweaty gym laundry and to sitting behind stalled vehicles in the HOV lane on the long commute to a charmless job.

I do to the fear when that tiniest member of our little trinity wavered within me. I do to the joy as he broke forth triumphant and bloody under the resplendent fluorescent lights of the operating room.

I do to evening air thick with newborn wails and damp with breastmilk. And I do to the realization of our dreams in the rapturous blossoming of human life.

I do to all we cannot yet see: to the irritation and the tenderness and the thrill and the boredom and the joy and the grief and the roses and the thorns on this labyrinthine way to eternity.

Words for a Second Anniversary

10 thoughts on “Words for a Second Anniversary

  1. Bonita says:

    Dominika, Thank you for (and Joe) being a true Godly beacon of Christ’s Church in Mackenzie’s (& many others) life~model of intelligence, strength, and virtue. You are the reason she is blossoming into the woman she is becoming, and my awe of you, and gratitude to you, Joe, Leo, and our Lord for showing us Heaven on Earth is bottomless. May the fragrance of the Holy Spirit always surround you all. Much love in Christ, Bonita/Bebo

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  2. Steffani Rush says:

    So I am scrolling through your blog taking notes and attempting to make mine look half as good as yours and I stumbled upon this post which must have snuck right by me. Your words moved me to tears and spoke to me in such a way that it reminded me of the depth and mystery of our Catholic faith. This is why I love theology, blogging, and you! 🙂

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    1. Aww Steff, I’m so glad we share a love for all these things! There definitely is a limitless and thrilling depth to these mysteries and I love that we get to spend our whole life (and beyond!) discovering them. P.S. There are waaaay better blogs than mine to look to for inspiration hahaha!


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