Seven month sweetness


My little lion is seven months sweet and every time I touch his soft, tufted mane to my lips or am felled by his magnificent smile or hear a long string of onomatopoeias bubbling off his lips or watch him happily gagging himself on the legs of his best, his dearest friend, sophie the giraffe, I think I might die from joy. I love that we were all at one time seven months sweet.


Seven month sweetness

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Before I became a mother, I knew I’d face crap like judgy strangers and mommy wars, but I didn’t really know it. And so far nothing’s blown up in my face. Just subtle remarks here and there that I’m pretty good about internally laughing over (so far). Just holding my tongue every once in a while about some facet of my parenting style because I know it will be met with criticism. And I know having only one baby is nothing like having only one ten-year old in super Catholic circles or having five kids under six out in the secular world. So whatever our family ends up looking like, I’m sure the worst is yet to come. But it’s stupid and these people get it:

1. A most excellent response to the whole gorilla episode. (Just fyi, there’s a bit of language.)

2. And another, equally excellent, more succinct, response.

3. I’m sure you’ve already this piece by Simcha, but it’s too good to leave out of this roundup.


4. My sister was obsessed with Pioneer Woman in high school and since then, she’s moved on to other haute foodies, but we made her Penne a la Betsy this week and it was a reminder of how Ree never gets food wrong. These mocha brownies were also a divine reminder.

5. I’ve been relishing the simple luxury of scrambled eggs on toast lately. The possibilities of how to dress them up are endless. I’ve done them with shallots and mustard and with smelly, delicious goat cheese (on the side of a ten minute chop, blend, and heat up cucumber onion soup).

6. And I can’t get through a post without talking about leftovers and how they are my favorite part of the fridge. We had a container full of leftover mashed potatoes so I dumped them into a skillet with brussels sprouts, bell peppers, onion, and carrots and made bubble and squeak. Served with delicious ginger perries and I almost felt like we were back on our English honeymoon. Almost.

Et cetera

7. We went to the Museum of Natural Science this week and while the dinosaurs were fun, I think my favorite part was snagging some cavallini posters on sale in the gift shop.


Happy Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (I almost forgot that one, but this beautiful post reminded me) and feast of St. John XXIII.


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