Weekly Edit: 7.1.16

Weekly Edit July First

It’s Friday! So that means linkup time!

Gifts from the Internet

How on earth do make sure your kids keep the Faith? It’s something I think frequently think about even though I know there’s no sure answer. People ultimately make their own choices after all. However, these two posts lend some wise advice and I love them both so much I want to do what my mother (whose birthday is today!) does with pieces off the internet she finds and loves and print them out and stick them on the fridge.

1. Composing a family rule of life

2. Live Your Lent (Or Whatever Liturgical Season is at Hand)


3. After resisting unpacking all of our kitchen things and a full week of dinners of the takeout or wine and cheese variety, I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of cooking and went all out for the inaugural homecooked meal at chez ramos. We did a mashup of brunch and afternoon tea. My sisters and I introduced my eight-year-old nephew to the concept of afternoon tea last summer and now he thinks having tea means not only the beverage but all sorts of necessary treats on the side. He had been asking to have tea for a while so we obliged and perpetuated his grandiose ideas by serving chocolate black tea, lavender tisane, petit fours, cake balls, matcha green tea pancakes, homemade whipped cream, more of this fruit salad (which I’m thinking of making again for a get together tonight–it’s that good and simple), scrambled eggs, sausage, oreos (for him), and elderflower champagne cocktails (for us).

4. You know I’m all about using up leftovers in the most creative and delicious way possible. I ended up making enough tea for a small party of twenty (there were five of us), so I combined the teas, refrigerated the mixture, and served it the next day for Sunday brunch with milk over ice. Chocolate-lavender black tea latte ftw.

5. I saw this recipe for skillet faro and brussels sprouts and was sold since I had brussels sprouts on hand. I didn’t really make it according to the recipe but it turned out phenomenal nonetheless. I used bulgur wheat instead of faro and added prosciutto. Even with panfried chicken thighs, it really was on the table in less than forty-five minutes so I think it’s going to be something I return to again and again.

6. We’re living on the top floor of our apartment building and it’s the middle of the summer in Texas so it gets really hot really fast when we’re cooking. But we had an itch for hamburgers so my husband grilled some up on our panini press grill out on the patio. He had the grill propped up on a low shelf and was sitting cross legged in front of it grilling. It was very zen. Very hilarious. Very delicious.

Et cetera

7. I’ve been making more things for people. The ultimate goal is to start a small business of my own original work. Stay tuned for that (hopefully not indefinitely…I’ve been talking about it for ohhhh two years now). Presently, I’m just taking on custom illustration/handlettering commissions.

Recent jobs: a logo for this group of Houston foodies. And a blog header for my friend, Lauren’s, new blog! A snippet from her first post to whet your appetite:

“the stories of these small humans with whom we coexist, and our collective familial journeys to eternity — those matter.  And all the little details that make up those journeys are something to celebrate.  The path we walk together as the “body of Christ” a la 1 Corinthians is for real, and I believe there is power in solidarity along the way.  Ours may not be the stories that historians record or news anchors broadcast, but they are not insignificant when we live them with gusto.  That barely perceptible, daily-grind quest for holiness?  It can shake up the universe in ways we can only imagine.”

Yes and yes and yes. I’m so excited she’s finally blogging.


It’s the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ today so we’re going to try to get a some first Friday devotions worked in today amidst preparing for a weekend of game nights and brunches and barbecues.

Weekly Edit: 7.1.16

8 thoughts on “Weekly Edit: 7.1.16

  1. Alexandra says:

    “How on earth do make sure your kids keep the Faith?”
    Yes! I feel like I need to read those two blog posts daily to remind myself!

    I am in awe of your ability to make meals out of random things in your fridge and pantry!


  2. I hate heating up the house in the summer with cooking. We have AC, but I’m a windows open kind of gal, and that just doesn’t fly when the oven is cranked to 425 for an hour. I often resort to bribing my husband to grill (You love to grill remember!) or sticking the crockpot in the basement to cook meals. #5 however sounds delish and less than 45 minutes? Totally doable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I thought about baking a pie for the forth of july and then thought better of it 😉 Summer cooking is such a struggle. Cold soups like gazpacho have been a lifesaver!


  3. Hey Dominika,

    Just saw the sweet note you sent about my “Live Your Lent” post–thank you! We had Baby #4 in April, so I am going through many emails now….sad, but true! I’m about to dive into your blog–can’t wait to see what else you have here. Are you on Instagram? Definitely a good place for makers to hang out! I’m FarmAndAway there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations on your new baby and no worries! I have only one eight month old and I feel like I’m still trying to find our new normal. I think I’m actually already following you on instagram. It’s where I go to connect with other makers and feel inadequate about my art 😉


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