Weekly Edit: 7.16.2016


Showing up late to the link-up party this weekend.

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All about womanhood, bodies, and feminism this week.

1. I discovered this post somewhere between getting a spark of an idea for this one and actually publishing it, but I identified so, so much with it. (Katherine’s blog is the shizz in general and should be on all of our to read lists.)

2. This is just basic decency.

“Providing menstrual hygiene products privately, immediately and for free is also about sending a body-positive message by not perpetuating shame and humiliation, and acknowledging that women’s bodies, even those of women serving time in prison, deserve some dignity during their periods.”

3. Josh Radnor aka Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother gave a deeply thoughtful and intelligent interview with Fight the New Drug about the devastating effects of pornography. It’s worth a read.

“Porn peddles selfishness, domination, and oppression – all terrible qualities to bring to a relationship. It strips women of personality, agency, and dimensionality reducing them to objects who exist simply for men’s sexual pleasure. And can be discarded when they’re through – after all, there are always more women a click away.”


4. We’ve been trying to be better about eating less meat. We’ve gotten especially bad about eating meat on Fridays and, yes, I know you can substitute a different penance in place of going meatless but who are we kidding? That never happens. But even outside of religious reasons, eating red meat is apparently going to kill us, the environment, and our grocery bill too. The only problem is that my husband and I both really like meat. Fish is alright but we’re meat people. Toxic red meat people to be exact. These are some things I’ve been whipping up in an effort to be ever so slightly more vegetarian and still excited about dinnertime. And if we’re not, I guess that’s okay too #offeritup

Chickpea-zucchini fritters. These were quite good served in warm pita pockets with tons of fresh vegetables, feta cheese, and tzatziki sauce.

Spiced black bean and beet burgers. I loosely used this recipe and topped them with avocado, bbq sauce, quick-pickled red onions (red onion+red wine vinegar+the fridge for 10min), and wait for it…bacon. Cheater cheater pumpkin eater. I took it one step further when I warmed up a patty the next day for lunch and cooked it in bacon grease…whoops. We ate the burgers with store bought sweet potato fries.

Salmon marinated in leftover tzatziki sauce. I served it with oven roasted corn on the cob bathed in chimichurri, and a warm quinoa clear the fridge salad (cherry tomatoes, the last of a cucumber, 1/4 of an avocado, 1/3 of a red onion, feta cheese, lemon juice, balsamic, olive oil, s&p).

5. And for a very meaty dish this week, I made skirt steak marinated in oyster sauce (no soy sauce on hand), dark brown sugar, and sesame seed oil. Served with leftover angel hair and stir fried peppers and broccolini. It was quick to make and absolutely delish.

Et cetera

6. Still talking food–does anybody else do baby led weaning? I have a slightly love mostly hate relationship with it. Probably because I haven’t seen any of the benefits. Only the gagging which I know is normal but geeeez it makes me so nervous. And the mess. Blw people like to tout the whole “spoon feeding babies mush is a modern invention” thing a lot. But somehow I don’t think people throughout history were letting good food go to waste all over their kitchen floor. Case in point. I’m thinking spoon fed porridge might have been a thing. But I’m not a historian. Anyway, I’d love to hear anybody else’s experience with baby led weaning or different methods of introducing solids besides purchasing jars of baby food.

7. Last night, I got together with some college friends and by 11 and after having a glass and a half of rose, I couldn’t tell if I was tipsy or just exhausted. But it was fun to relive the days when my only obligations were studying and orchestrating fake engagements.

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Listening to this beautiful hymn today.

Weekly Edit: 7.16.2016

5 thoughts on “Weekly Edit: 7.16.2016

  1. Karen says:

    Child #1 – I puréed, strained, and froze all her baby food in those little ice cube trays. (Over-achieving first-time mom)
    Child #2 – all store bought baby food. No time for all that homemade baby food with a toddler to take care of! This kid ate everything she was served. I was only slightly insulted that the Walmart brand of prunes suited her just fine.
    Child #3 – attempted to feed her store bought baby food. All a waste. She lived off milk until 18 mo or so and then all the sudden decided she wanted to eat.
    Child #4 – attempted BLW out of pure laziness, no pureeing, no buying and wasting jars, I basically nursed her on demand and threw her some scraps from my plate when she seemed interested.
    All children now eat whatever they are served for dinner without complaining toooo much…and if they don’t there’s always breakfast tomorrow😜
    Your weekly menus sound awesome, so your kiddo would be lucky to BLW at your place, but I say just do whatever is easiest for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I love this progression! Also that’s wild that your third lived off milk till 18mo but it’s also reassuring. I’ve started doing what I call “minimal effort spoon feeding” so stuff like mashing up and mixing together yogurt and avocado or zapping a sweet potato in the microwave and sort of spoon feeding him it/sort of letting him just play with the spoon. I finally don’t feel terrified of feeding him and it keeps him occupied while I’m doing dinner prep so progress!


  2. Showing up late because I have to talk about baby led weaning. I’m not sure how old your son is; my second child is almost a year old, and I did it with both of them. I stuck to mostly solid foods, especially at first. The second child, poor kid, got a lot less processed food. Eg, first child had apples sliced, peeled, and microwaved slightly to soften them; second gets sliced apples, raw, with skin on – and eats them just fine. First child I cooked carrots and everything else; second child gets them raw, if that’s what I’m feeding myself and the toddler. Both of them were given whatever we were eating: stir fry, bits of barbecued chicken, vegetables cooked whatever way I made them for the grownups. The oldest has learned things like cereal better, because I started her early on granola and kefir or yogurt; I did spoonfeed her that till she learned to feed herself, and now at 27mo she feeds herself regular cereal with milk, and anything else liquid that needs a spoon. I was lazy on the second, didn’t get him used to the taste of kefir early enough, and so I don’t know how I’m going to get him into cereal. He does love to grab a spoon of applesauce from me and shove it into his mouth. We have some mess on the floor, but only enough to teach me to be diligent about cleaning up after meals (ahem; more work is needed on this!), nowhere near enough that I feel bad about it. We do have a dog who eats any bit of meat or cheese which hits the floor. The dog hates fruit, so some melon and banana does get wasted. I’m happy with the results. The toddler eats hot sauce and spicy Korean food; she insists on having lots of salsa when we’re doing Mexican; she demands horseradish and mustard because my husband likes to put them on things, and eats them straight off the plate. Both of them drink from little cups; I only use bottles when we’re travelling and I want to avoid an entire water bottle being poured into the car seat.


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