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It’s been a long time since I’ve linked up to the Quick Takes but I couldn’t keep amassing excellent articles and keep them to myself.

Gifts from the Internet:

1. A really good one on trying to become worthy of marriage: “The very idea of making oneself “worthy-of-marriage” undercuts the reality of sacramental marriage, which isn’t a reward for the holy but a gift for holiness.”  One of my sweetest memories from the very beginning of my husband’s and my relationship was revealing to one another our feelings of being unworthy of one another. This excerpt from Oscar Wilde’s letter, “De Profundis” comes to mind:

“Nobody is worthy to be loved. The fact that God loves man shows us that in the divine order of ideal things it is written that eternal love is to be given to what is eternally unworthy. Or if that phrase seems to be a bitter one to bear, let us say that every one is worthy of love, except him who thinks that he is. Love is a sacrament that should be taken kneeling, and ‘Domine, non sum dignus’ should be on the lips and in the hearts of those who receive it.”

2. I promise I only share articles on abortion when they’re not just saying pro-choicers are all evil as so many unhelpfully do. This one is worth the click.  Being a stay-at-home mother of one is hard. So I totally get why a culture that pretty much does nothing to support parents or families and has a frighteningly wishy washy definition of personhood accepts abortion.

“It takes both a family and a village to raise a child. We’re all in this struggle together, and we must use everything at our disposal to give our children what they deserve: a life, a family and a future.”

3. I’m all about community living. I hesitated to share this because I’m afraid I’ll come off as totally weird. However, I think many of us secretly harbor this desire. How to go about that without it becoming or being perceived as weird or cultish? I dunno. But I think it’s a good idea! Modern American family life is so splintered. Even when nuclear families are in tact, elderly relatives are shuttered off in nursing homes, single people, who might choose otherwise given the chance, live alone, and again…the isolation of stay-at-home motherhood is a very real thing. So I dream of a place where we actually know our neighbors as our brothers and sisters rather than strangers, where we share meals and pray and sing hymns and grow a garden together. I want to live among people I can trust to watch my children when I need to run an errand. People who can count on me to do a favor for them without fearing that they owe me but simply because we belong to one another. Plus it’s becoming hip.


4. My husband made some really divine tacos this week (if we lived in community, you could enjoy them too!) involving dried chile sauce and broth which have turned out to be the gifts that have kept on giving. I’ve since made tortilla soup with the broth and plan on making mole chicken enchiladas with the remaining sauce. I’ll get recipes written in the probably far out future (my blogging pace is at a crawl these days…)

5. I’m not a psl gal but I am crazy for Mexcian ho-cho. Need and want a molinillo.


6. Last weekend we made a trip to Oakland to visit one of our best friends (and our son’s godfather!) and witness him taking his simple profession of vows as a Dominican friar. It was a bittersweetly fleeting visit. I talked with another friend once about how vocations support one another and that was impressed upon me in a deep way this weekend. I know we’ve received so many graces through this friendship but seeing these men take vows to serve the Church in a radical way further reminded me of how much they spiritually sustain all of us in our vocations.

7. Happy belated Birthday, Mary. I’ve been reading Rilke’s “Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary” (in this edition) and they are incredibly transfixing poems.

Links and life

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