Favorite Corners of the Internet

Ladies who know what’s up

Leave in the Leaf: How do I love Katherine’s blog? Let me count the ways. Seriously though. Every post is worth the click.
Rose & Crown
: I think perhaps even a more powerful witness to the beauty of motherhood than anything else on the internet I’ve encountered.
Y is for Home: Masha’s reflections on living well and living holy are beautiful. Also, I want to live in yurt.
Mama Needs Coffee: always so encouraging and on point about faith and culture and motherhood.
The Fike Life: I’ve never met a blog that made me less scared about having babies than this one.
Farm and Away: I’m always pining for Terese to update her blog because she’s written one of my favorite things on the internet.


Milk and Honey: favorite food blog. I want to make and eat every one of her recipes.
Almost Bananas: Slovak food and culture–every post tugs at my heartstrings.
600 Acres: lovely food, lovely food writing.
Joy the Baker: the right amounts of sweet and savory and sassy
Manger: if you can get over the fact that yes, these people actually live this life and you do not, then the recipes are really quite good.

Faith, Culture, Learning

Ten Thousand Places
The Catholic Catalogue
Family in Feast and Feria
Spiritual Friendship
Church Life Journal
A Clerk of Oxford
Image Journal
On Being
The Paris Reivew
Brain Pickings
World Wide Words