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1. I have no claims of saying anything intelligent about theology, but from what I gather, there is a lack of developed theology about marriage, which makes it all the more mysterious to me. I found this community and their vision super interesting. As far as I know, it wasn’t created by theologians, rather just regular old married people with high ideals for marital and familial love.

2. And then there’s the biology of marriage. So fascinating!

3. I loved this post from Leah Libresco about the boring, quiet rituals that sustain us spiritually. It made me think more consciously about what are the boring, quiet rituals that fill my days and reminded me of this excerpt from Dorothy Day’s The Long Loneliness:

“Ritual, how could we do without it? . . . Just as a husband may embrace his wife casually as he leaves for work in the mornings, and kiss her absent-mindedly in his comings and goings, still that kiss on occasion turns to rapture, a burning fire of tenderness and love.”


4. Lots of Trader Joe’s frozen Chinese food. I have a rule that if we’re going to watch an Asian film, we have to eat Asian food. In anticipation of going to see The Magnificent Seven, we finally started (and finished!) Seven Samurai.

5. Posting mainly because my mom asked for the recipe: the easiest, most versatile, and delicious buns you’ll ever make.

6. Not eating, but scheming about what my trademark food should be. Katherine’s always writing about things that have been latently brewing in my mind.

Et cetera

7. I’ve had my first Pax Paper purchases from people who don’t have any connection to me and that is thrillingly inexplicable to me! Particularly since only being able to work sloooowly in the naptime and post-bedtime cracks of my day makes me feel pretty faily at this small business thing. Pictured above are a couple Confirmation cards that I promised to have out weeks ago. They are coming!!

Happy Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary! We’re going to try to stop by our local Dominican parish, Holy Rosary, today for confession and a rosary. We’ll see if my squirmy companion cooperates.

Links and life

An Announcement

For two years, I’ve had this idea to start a creative small business to help supplement our income (so maybe, just maybe, one day my husband can leave the corporate world and get paid to talk about poetry all day), to satiate my need to create beautiful things and share them with the world, and to spread, in a little but tangible way, the peace of Christ.

But all I’ve done is talked and talked and thought and thought about this small business but not actually done much about it. Generally, when I have some life dream, I assume that if my feelings are passionate enough about it, it’ll just happen. And then it doesn’t and then I watch other people succeed in following their dreams and then I despair over mine.

No more. No more talking without doing. No more dreaming and then despairing. This is it, guys. Away we go:

The Concept: beautiful, clean modern Catholic (but not just!) stationery, art, and illustration.

The Name: Pax Paper

Why: Because we can use all the reminders of peace in our homes and in our lives that we can get.

When: Launching on Etsy (fingers crossed!!) August 15, 2016, the Feast of the Assumption, and the first anniversary of my grandmother’s passing.

Hop on over to follow along on the Pax Paper instagram account. I can’t wait to share all the goodies I have up my sleeve with you.

But for now, some photographic teasers:

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Happy Wednesday and the peace of Christ be with you this August afternoon ❤

An Announcement